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Lyon - France

Research Manager & Consultant

Analytical, testing and consulting services to the food, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries.

15 years of experience in multi-countries surveys: Eastern, Western Europe and USA

Highly skilled in qualitative approach: positionning, launch of products, U&A, brand image, level of satisfaction, sales force audit.

Management of your projects supporting by a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Reporting in English


If you are here is that you are looking for a solution to move your project forward!

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After more than 10 years as a market research manager, I am a freelance consultant since 2009 for research companies that have a specific need to boost their teams.

In that time, I've worked for a wide range of clients, including global agencies to small offices across Europe and the USA.

Examples include Ipsos Forward Research, BVA, InSites Consulting, Strategir, H2O and many others.

I offer a full range of market research services including: international project management, analysis, report writing, presentation, brand storming session, moderation, DG redaction, translation and recruitment.

Many of my best experiences have come from qualitative research; finding out about how and why people do things and trying to better understand their behaviors.


I work with B2B and B2C companies throughout multi-countries projects. Supporting by local partners, I manage your projects from A to Z.

My aim is to offer my expertise flexibly, affordably and to develop long-term relationships based upon persuasive results.

As a freelance I use my extensive knowledge and experience in health markets and agribusiness to benefit clients who want high quality and results at a fraction of the cost of a big agency. 
I also work on missions for consumer goods namely Red Bull or Danone.

If you want a more progressive approach to your marketing, and you are looking for a freelance market research professional that can match the same drive and vision you have for your business, please contact me to discuss your requirements further.

Thank you for taking the time to review my website.

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